New User guide to using File Manager and the WYSIWYG editor built into your control panel.


New to Web Hosting? Have you had a site at Geocities, Angelfire or Yahoo before?
The File Manager in your control panel is very similar and is a good place to start.

This page is intended for use if you want to use the built-in editor in your control panel. Delete it, if you will not be using it.



Log into your control panel https://:2083
Click the Tools icon
Click File Manager (Opens in New Window)
Click the ICON next to public_html to navigate to your main folder. (Do not click the public_html link)
You will see this file editor.htm - click the link to it in File Manager. editor.htm
On the right hand side, new items will appear - Show File, Delete File, Edit File, Change Permissions, Rename File, Copy File Move File, Html Editor - the links are all self explanatory. -
To edit the file, click Html Editor (Opens in new window)  


Always look on the top of File Manager for instructions
You need to rename index.htm if you want to keep a copy (or just edit it). index.htm is your main page of your website (index.htm or index.html are special names and this is always the default file. You do not need to type http:///index.htm but just http://. The server automatically will show index.htm or index.html if they exist). To do this, click on index.htm and then click the rename link to the right.
You need to create a new index.htm file to edit (or just edit the existing one). You can do this in two ways:
  • Copy one of the .htm files on your server to a different name - use the copy command then rename it and move it back to the public_html/ directory
  • Make a dummy .htm file on your PC (use notepad to do this) and use the file manager to upload it.
If you have the WebBuilder or higher package, you can install one of the HTML templates from the Fantastico menu then use the editor to edit the files with the text you want.
BEFORE editing editor.htm in the Html Editor use the Copy link in File Manager to make a copy of it. Call the copy index.htm. Open index.htm in the Html Editor to start creating your site.
The Editor does not have a save as function in the present version. The only way to make copies of a file is to use the File Manager to make a copy to another directory then rename the file and move it back to public_html/

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